Each stone and crystal has its own magic and unique qualities. Moldavite for sale near me (one of the most extraordinary stones and the most powerful), shares the same hue and vibrancy that are associated with the Heart Chakra, new energies, and is just so happens to be one such stone.

Let’s find out more about the uniqueness this precious stone has to offer. Moldavite can be described as a “tektite”-a mysterious collection of glassy objects. It is the result of a meteor collision with Earth about 15 million year ago (14.8). It is thought to have fallen from space once over the Moldau River Valley, Czechoslovakia. These green gems, found only in Czech Republic, are among the rarest minerals of Earth. They have been valued by humans over thousands of centuries and are still gifted as gifts by royalty to royals. Moldavite is linked to the Stone of the Holy Grail. An “emerald”, which was believed to have fallen from the Sky, Moldavite can be used as a talisman, a talisman, to heal the Earth, and to help one’s inner growth. Moldavite has an undeniable power that even those who don’t normally feel sensitive to the energy of stones can feel.

Moldavite, whether worn or just held, can generate many fascinating and instantaneous reactions. These include heat flashes, radiating heat and other sensations that can be felt by those around. It isn’t something to play with. Because it vibrates so strongly, people who aren’t used to it may feel drained. However, your vibrational energy will soon catch up to it.

Moldavite can be a strong Chakra opener and activator. It resonates particularly well with the Crown Chakras and the 3rd Eye. Although it will first move to the physical and/or etheric areas, it will then settle and center itself in the heart.