It can be hard to tell from which side it is. Based on my experience playing both instruments, I would say that a Hilton Piano Center and a keyboard are the easiest to start with. But there’s a big BUT! Let’s take a look at it from several angles.

1 What is your goal?
2) What type of music do you want to listen to?/ Who’s your favorite artist?
3) Instruments (choices, price range, stores & portability)
4) Learning Easiness
5) Performance Options

Your goal

You have to know why you’re thinking about learning piano or the guitar. Perhaps some of your friends play an instrument. You might just want to play some instruments. It is important to think pure and unaffected by any price or difficulty. If you have an undiscovered talent for music, it is possible to afford any instrument. Which instrument are YOU playing? You can choose which instrument you prefer.

2) What music do you prefer to listen?/ Who are your favourite artists?

While learning to play, you’ll enjoy your songs. What song do you prefer to play? The classical “Fur Elise”, a Beethoven song, or the rock “Stairway 2 Heaven” by Led Zeppelin? All songs can be played on both of these instruments. The original song would still sound the same if the chosen instrument was played according to the artist. It could feel as if you were a professional musician. This kind of feeling is truly a joy in music. What was your source of musical inspiration?

(3) Instruments

For the Piano (Acoustic or Digital pianos, Electronic keyboards, Mobile phone Apps), and for the Guitar (Classical, Folk, Country, Electric guitars.,Electric bass, Apps)

Price range. (Lower, Higher, or Both) For the new Piano (apps for free, keyboards for $50, digital pianists for $ 500 and acoustic guitars for $2,000), for the guitar (apps for free, any type guitars for $100) for the old ones (from ….?))

Shops to Buy & Transportability. Every major city will have music shops or piano stores. You can also search on the internet for the store nearest you and they will deliver it to you. It’s easy to transport and deliver the guitars or the lighter keyboards. You can disassemble some digital pianos, but you will need two people or a carry-on cart to transport it. The piano movers should be able to transport the acoustic keyboards. The store offers free shipping when you purchase a new piano.

4) Easy Learning Process

It is possible to see which notes are being played. It’s as if you are typing on the computer keyboard. But the keyboard itself is a map. A melody would be made by pressing any keys you hold with one hand. You will find it very easy to work with the fixed pitch. The best choice for starters and small children. Music-making is an instant pleasure.

Guitar- It is more difficult to create a melody on the first attempt than it is with the piano. This is because your left hand needs to find the notes, while your right hand plays the strings. The chords can be quite difficult if you don’t know how to do them. You should press the left hand fingers in unusual positions. Recommended for teenagers and above, depending on physical ability.

Increasingly, the piano repertoire will require you to use both your hands for the melody and accompaniment. You may also need to learn music theory and how to read the music scores. If you’re making progress, you’ll enjoy the learning process.

When you are proficient in the basic chords, it is possible to play and accompany nearly any song, especially pop songs. However, you will be learning technical skills more if you are performing the classical repertoire like “Memories of Alhambra”. Also, the songs of rock bands could include nice guitar solos. Those songs will require the mastery of beautiful art.

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