It is not as easy and straightforward as it sounds. Only dog lovers that have experienced the joy of looking at the adorableness in every puppy can tell how difficult is to just point and say it. Despite the high price tag, many buyers still use the cuteness test to decide on their puppy. But if they want a loving companion who is reliable, that is perfectly fine. If you are looking for an amazing puppy with a verified breeder you can look it up on Aussie Puppies for sale

It is important to stay focused when selecting a new pet. Dog owners who have experience with dogs and know how to communicate with them will approach the situation differently. If you want your dog to be happy and healthy, and avoid any behavioral problems or high vet bills, it is worth taking a page from their example.

Here are eight tips to help choose the right puppy.

1. Do not decide too soon. This is the main point. It is possible to be pushed by breeders to choose the litter immediately after it is born. Try to resist. After a Shih Tzu pup has been at least two months, it’s difficult to see any markings or notice any defects. They will be most attractive if their eyes are open. Large, dark eyes are the hallmark of Shih Tzus. You can see more of the face, and also check the length and shape the nose. It is also possible at this age to check the new teeth. You must ensure that there are at least six at the top as well as bottom.

2. Get photos of the best breed. It can be very difficult to remember all the elements that make a Shih Tzu perfect. Simply take a photograph with you of a prizewinner, so that you can see the Shih Tzu from every angle.

3. It is important to look for a happy and friendly dog. Naturally, you will want a Shih Tzu friendly and lively.

4. A bony body should not be confused with a delicate one. Shih Tzus are naturally small but they don’t need to be emaciated. His stomach should not bulge.

5. If the pup has any symptoms of irritation or discharge, make sure to check his eyes, ears, nose and nose. The eyes must be bright and clear.

6. Smell the pup’s breath. If you notice a foul-smelling smell, it could be a sign your pup has serious health issues.

7. You need to be attentive to the behavior of your dog. Check for excessive scratching, shaking of the head or shivering. At two months, Shih Tzu pups should be happy and healthy with a defined expressive face.