The combination microwave convection oven and microwave based cooking make this a very useful kitchen utility device.  is different than a regular microwave oven that uses radio waves to heat food quickly. The combination microwave oven uses a heating element, and can bake or brown food in a very short time. Combination ovens can be used for both cooking types.


Convection ovens can use both microwave heating techniques and flow hot air. The food is cooked quickly, but it also has a crispy outer layer.


These ovens are particularly useful for baking and roasting food as it can help brown it. The convection microwaves circulate heat inside, which allows for browning and sealing of juices.


Convection and microwave ovens cook fast, and so you don’t need to pre-heat certain foods before placing them in the oven. They can also be used to quickly and efficiently defrost frozen foods.

Specially designed cutlery is available for use in microwave cooking. Convection microwaves are able to cook food without the use of special cutlery. However, you can still use different cutlery to make different dishes. For roasting meats and poultry products, roasting racks are necessary.


Combination microwaves are typically more expensive than normal microwaves. These microwaves have more useful features and are generally more expensive. A convection microwave will be more expensive than a regular microwave oven.