Music stores have been relying on lessons to generate revenue for generations and the revival of interest in playing musical instruments is a great opportunity. How can music stores tap this new market? Email marketing is a great way to market music store.

The way that people are introduced has changed, as well as the advertising method. These stores can no longer rely solely on traditional media advertising such as advertisements in local newspapers and commercials on local radio and television. Newspapers now have less advertising space than 10 years ago, while TIVO makes commercials easy to skip. People are less likely to listen to local radio because of the rise in popularity of XM/Sirius satellite and iPod radios.

Email marketing software is easy to use and affordable. It pays both immediate and long-lasting dividends. It’s easy to use and manage. It is easy to set up and manage for establishments with few employees. It’s easy to get people to fill out their email addresses, then add them to the software. Let potential students and their parents know! It is important to let potential students and their parents know that email communication is the best way for you to keep informed about the store, the lessons offered and the offers it has on used instruments.